All firmware for Barnes&Noble Nook Tablet

As I wrote before, I decided to revive this device and spent several days searching for firmware and other software. For all the references from five years ago are already dead.

And looking for mirrors in a 4pda theme is very difficult, because you don’t know exactly what you need. Some craftsmen searched through the web archive for firmware names and then wentogled them.

That’s why everything I found – I put it on Github, it turned out to be a kind of storage room. ))

And even the XDA – which I was not looking for – has not found a single live link.

I will also save my search results:

  1. Theme on 4pda:
  2. Still a live site with firmware and instructions for them:
  3. For Nook Tablet’a the latest live, fast and glitch-free firmware – this is CyanogenMod11 on Android 4.4.4 from here.:
    It is dated 01 October 2014.

Yes, and a reference to the repository itself.:

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