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Installing Docker Compose on Windows Server

*** Continuing the article “Installing Docker on Windows Server 2019”: https://hackworlds.com/ustanovka-i-zapusk-linux-kontejnerov-v-dockere-na-windows-server-2016-2019/ One problem emerged when installing Docker preview on Windows Server – Docker Compose does not go in the box. We are installing .: The official documentation for Windows Server 2019 still suggests adding an environment variable, but I didn’t do it.: Checking installation:

Installing and running Linux containers in Docker on Windows Server 2016 & 2019.

By default, Windows Server has a docker engine that supports the launch of only windows containers. We therefore had to look for a solution to put and run the Linux containers in the docker.. And the Docker Enterprise Edition, which allows you to do it out of the box, is asking for money. I don’t …