Review on multiplexers

Multiplexor – a device that has several signal inputs, one output, one or more control inputs. The equipment transmits a signal from one of the inputs to the output. In this case, the selection of the required input is made by choosing a combination of control signals.


Multiplexers can be used in frequency dividers, flip-flops and shifters, etc. They are also used to convert parallel binary code into serial.

In practice, devices are most often used in telecommunications, video surveillance, recording. The use of a multiplexer in communication networks reduces the network maintenance cost.

With such equipment, the organization of the transmission of one hundred / two hundred conversational signals occurs without laying a telephone cable. A single channel or more device copes well with the tasks. And the savings are significant.

Also, multiplexers are effective in organizing video conferencing. Two-way data transmission, processing, displaying real-time data at a distance are part of the functions that the switch performs.

Technical Center “ZAiS” sells multiplexers, data acquisition and switching systems from leading manufacturers. We would like to partially acquaint you with the offered assortment.

Data logging and switching system Rigol M301

The device supports seven types of modules. Complete with multimeter module MC3065


  • five inputs for connecting additional modules;
  • ten types of measurement modules;
  • high screen resolution;
  • 320 channels for connection;
  • data collection and scanning of 500 channels per second;
  • the ability to pair with the M300;
  • measurement of true root mean square readings;
  • remote control using SCPI commands;
  • viewing for one or all channels in real broadcast;
  • four types of interfaces.

If necessary, you can additionally equip the device with switching modules. The site manager will select suitable models and make an overall cost estimate.

The price of the Rigol M301 is 111 640 rubles.

3-year warranty.

Fluke 2638A / 20 220 Data Acquisition System

Technique with 20 channels for collecting information. Enhanced with one 2638-RLY relay board.

Manufacturer parameters


  • direct and alternating current – 100 mV… 300 V;
  • resistance – 100 Ohm … 100 Mohm;
  • frequencies – 20 Hz … 1 MHz;
  • resistive temperature sensor –200 ° С.

Additional data:

  • 22 to 66 analog inputs, 8 digital I / Os, 6 alarm outputs;
  • power supply with a frequency range of 47 Hz… 440 Hz;
  • power consumption 24 W;
  • internal memory for 57,000 scans;
  • types of file protection – administrator, protected user passwords, guest status;
  • control menu in nine languages.

Price upon request… The equipment is delivered “on order”, therefore the price is determined directly upon the request of the client.

Fluke 281-E 230 V Waveform Generator

This is a device that allows you to receive signals of various types – acoustic, electrical, video, etc. It converts information into the form we need.

Features and parameters

  • selection of several connected or separate channels;
  • processing speed – 40 million samples per second;
  • conversion of functions with a frequency of 16 MHz;
  • conversion of pulses with a frequency of 10 MHz;
  • advanced functions for modulation;
  • built-in trigger generator;
  • GPIB, RS-232 interfaces.

The generator handles the most difficult tasks. This is a good investment for those using this type of equipment.

Ask the operator for the price of Fluke 281-E 230 V… At the moment, the cost is only on request.

Multiplexer 34908A

The technique is designed to solve simple, applied problems. It is possible to test batteries, determine indicators of electrical radioelements, and conduct bench tests.

Each of the modules commutes forty inputs. The system retains the ability to perform 2-wire measurements, except for current. Floating potential – up to 300 V

Manufacturer brand: Keysight Technologies

Switching module 7013-С

An isolated map containing 20 independent channels. They are connected to a wide variety of configurations.


  • switches, independent of each other;
  • a combination of contacts – two-wire type A (Lo, Hi);
  • maximum voltage 110 V;
  • maximum power 60 VA;
  • frequency 10 MHz.

Includes a 96-pin female to female bulk cable.
Price 163 881 rubles.

The site has more than twenty models of modules. You can always choose a worthy product for your requirements.

WiFi logger Testo 160 THE

The equipment is necessary to study the state of the atmospheric environment inside showcases, storage facilities and museum halls.

The measured values ​​are transmitted via WiFi signal to the cloud storage. Access to information is possible through the application Testo Saveris 2.

The system notifies in time about violation of temperature values, degree of illumination, high or low humidity. Signals come in the form of sms to a smartphone or email.
With such devices, the safety of exhibits is guaranteed.

Working parameters

  • measuring range – 0 … 100% RH;
  • resolution – 0.1% RH;
  • determination of temperature from -10 ° С to +50 ° С

Measurements of UV radiation, illumination occur with a minimum permissible error.

The price of the meter is 25,000 rubles.
Warranty 24 months.

Protocol Analyzer Mercury T2P USB-TMSP2-M03-X

The device combines:

  • USB class decoding;
  • standard CATC Trace display;
  • Power Delivery 3.0 support in the analyzer.

Technical features

  • OS requirement – not lower than Windows 7;
  • 13 typical trigger events;
  • statistics and report – transaction, transfer, batch, error reports;
  • memory capacity – model T2C (256 MB), model T2P (512 MB);
  • Type-C USB connectors;
  • power consumption from 460 mA (idle) to 500 mA (active);
  • operating temperature range 0 ° С… 55 ° С;
  • storage is possible at t ° from -20 ° С to + 80 ° С;
  • permissible humidity no more than 90%.

The cost of the analyzer is 354,473 rubles.

Switch 3706A-SNFP

The equipment is designed to solve large-scale tasks. Equipped with a high performance multimeter, the switch provides a well-integrated measurement and switching system.


  • 576 multiplex and two-wire channels;
  • 6 slots in the base unit;
  • speed up to 14,000 operations per second;
  • three types of interface.

The price is 203 366 rubles.

All devices presented in ZhAiS have quality certificates and undergo pre-sale training at the service center.

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