Firmware for Sony PRS-T1

Sony PRS-T1
Sony PRS-T1

I had a Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet since 2011. Comfortable. It weighs like an encyclopedia and weighs half an inch thick in the original leather cover, like a book of spells. When bought, it is sewn straight through so that all the books are maintained.

In 2020, I was able to sew on 4pda again – and did not find a single live link. And the CianogenMod team itself broke up a long time ago and their website with firmware no longer existed. In a couple of days of searching I found separate archives, but not all of them. But it was enough to put Android 4.4.4. I do not want a repeat of such a fate for Sony PRS-T1, so I decided to make a mirror.

Githab allows you to edit and add new files via commits. This way, we get a long-lived repository.


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