OCS starts promoting data visualization tools for developers from Steema Software

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OCS starts promoting data visualization tools for developers from Steema Software

Ekaterina Alexandrova | 01.10.2020

In partnership with OCS Distribution, Steema is providing the IT channel with a product offering for application developers – chart libraries and a set of spreadsheet functions.

Steema Software is a European developer with twenty years of experience in the software market, one of the leaders in the data visualization segment.

Steema’s main products are TeeChart and TeeGrid.

TeeChart – a library of charts, maps and templates for application developers – a cost-effective open source tool. TeeChart renderers can be included in applications developed in Microsoft Visual Studio, Office and .NET environments, Delphi, Java and PHP platforms, Javascript-HTML5, as well as Android, iOS and UWP mobile platforms. TeeChart offers over 60 types of charts to choose from, including natively focused on financial and statistical indicators, and customizable dashboard templates.

Steema TeeGrid provides an application developer with a set of functions for working with tables. The tool includes sorting, grouping and filtering data in a grid, resizing columns, drilling, moving a selected element, scrolling. Compatible with RAD Studio and .NET development environments.

Steema software solutions are used by tens of thousands of the company’s customers around the world. Steema was formed in 1995 in response to the explosive interest in the very first version of TeeChart for Delphi, developed by the president of the company. Steema soon became the leader in the Delphi visualization segment and won awards for the best charting and mapping solutions for many years in a row.

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