How to save large files in Github

When creating a storage facility at GitHub, there is a nuance – it curses at files over 100 MB.

The solution is to supply Git Large File Storage. This will allow uploading files up to 2 GB.


Opening PowerShell

git lfs install


Step 1: In PowerShell, we go to the local folder of the repository and add which types of files we will monitor:

cd c:\GitHub\NookTabletROM
git lfs track "*.zip"

As a result, the .gitattributes will have the necessary extensions:

Step 2: Index the files in the repository:

git add path/to/file.psd

or index the entire repository:

git add *.*

Step 3: Commit (fix the current version) and send it to a repository:

git commit -m "add file.psd"
git push origin master

That’s it, the files will go to Github.

You can read more about it here:


Read more here:

and there’s:


  • Githab is not intended to be a file storage facility.
  • It is recommended to take no more than 1 Gb.
  • Maximum repository size – 100 GB and get kicked in the ass.
  • You get 1 GB of storage quota and 1 GB of traffic (bandwidth) per month

Hmm, how did I upload 5 GB of firmware files once? ))

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