Intel to help US Navy develop microelectronic systems

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Intel to help US Navy develop microelectronic systems

Natalia Solovieva | 10/15/2020

Intel has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Navy to participate in the State-of-the-Art Heterogeneous Integration Prototype (SHIP) project. The amount of the contract under which Intel will help the military develop prototypes of more advanced microcircuits for the needs of the army is unknown.

Heterogeneous integrated packaging allows you to create low cost, miniaturized and flexible system solutions by integrating multiple highly complex ICs or components into a single system in package (SiP), thus uniting as many functions as possible. It is expected that the work will achieve a reduction in the physical size of the electronic device, increasing its performance and reliability, as well as reducing energy consumption.

According to open sources, US Navy engineers intend to develop a state-of-the-art SHIP prototype, demonstrating a new approach to the safe, measurable, and cost-effective design of such devices. The project will use innovative methods, including new design, manufacturing and testing tools. At the second stage of the project, experts say, prototypes of multichip packages will be developed and work will be carried out on standards for interfaces and security protocols for heterogeneous systems. It is also reported that all development and testing must comply with the International Arms Trade Regulations (ITAR).

As a result, the US Army intends to develop more advanced microelectronic devices for their needs. The execution of the contract is overseen by the Crane Division of the US Navy’s Surface Forces Combat Operations Center.

Intel’s participation in the project implies its assistance in the development of prototype microcircuits for the US Navy, using advanced products – its own semiconductor packaging technology at factories in Arizona and Oregon.


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