How much does a computer cost to work with Arduino

A small material in which we will consider how much a computer costs to work with Arduino and programming.

Do you think you need a good computer to work with Arduino and to program in C ++? We will try to understand this issue a little and decide what characteristics to select for the system unit, monitor, components and how to save some of the money on this.

You’ve probably already looked at sites like M-Video or, where sellers provide a huge selection of equipment for work. Nowadays, the computer becomes a permanent work center, while the entertainment functions are taken over by tablets and smartphones.

Some edit video on a computer, others play heavy games, and others process images on it, but in our case we need a computer to work with Microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) and for programming.

It is from the point of view of people who want to study microcontrollers that we will consider this issue and what computers are needed for this.

Such devices occupy an average price niche: they cannot be compared with office models in terms of power, but it is also difficult to bring them under the class of “gaming” (gaming) ones.

Let’s say the child got carried away and decided to start working with Arduino. How much should parents set aside for a purchase? Let’s try to analyze the data and answer this question.

So, as mentioned earlier, in a computer to work with programming and heavy programs such as different IDEs, you should rely on:

  • disk speed (SSD is desirable),
  • a video card,
  • screen,
  • the amount of RAM.

Based on these criteria, you can estimate the cost of the resulting assembly.

Screen. According to many criteria, including the safety of a child’s vision, it is understood that for a computer this is almost the main component and it will cost a lot.

Monitors with large screens, high-quality matrix and high resolution will cost the user at least 15,000 rubles… It is clear that no one will save on the health of an enthusiastic child.

Often this meaning reaches 25,000 rubles

Thus, the cost of the screen itself will be comparable to the cost of all other components of the computer.

But you shouldn’t skimp on the display, as this can lead to unsatisfactory picture quality, and, as a result, difficulties when working with programs.

SSD disk. First of all, it is needed for quick work. The volume of the disk will be rather big – starting from 500 GB and above, because a lot of information will be written to the computer. So the cost of such a solution will be about 20,000 rubles, nothing less.

But you can still put up with the lack of a solid state drive if the user is ready to feel slight slowdowns when working with the program.

There is also a plus in conventional disks – replacing it with an ordinary disk, we also get greater reliability. And he can do less than 7,000 rubles with a similar volume.

So here the choice is up to the user: whether he wants flawless work without any brakes, or wants to save a little.

If you can put up with the lack of a high-speed disk, then with a bad video card working with graphics is unlikely to be a pleasure.

If the monitor is a display device, it is the video card that is responsible for the image that appears on it. And if a lot of money is spent on the monitor, and the video card is chosen from cheap ones, this system will definitely not work normally.

But do not consider gaming options, tk. their cost will be more 30,000 rubles

A mid-range video card worth about 10,000 rubles… So you can save money, and not be a fool.

There is nothing special to say about RAM. It is not that expensive, and compared to other costs, it will not greatly increase the amount of the computer. So, two 8 GB sticks will cost less than 5,000 rubles

Thus, the price of an average graphics computer will be from 40,000 before 45,000 rubles, and if you add a high-speed SSD drive, you get a little more.

As you can see, it turns out a solid amount, but if a person really wants to do programming professionally, it is certainly worth it.

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