History of domestic ICT: 90 years of St. Bonch-Bruevich

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History of domestic ICT: 90 years of St. Bonch-Bruevich

Petr Chachin | 03.10.2020

October marks the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT) named after prof. MA Bonch-Bruevich (former names – LIIS and LEIS), which is one of the oldest telecommunications universities in the country.

On October 13, 1930, the USSR Council of People’s Commissars issued a decree on the organization, on the basis of the Higher Communication Courses in the city on the Neva, of the Leningrad Institute of Communication Engineers (LIIS). And 662 people were admitted to the first year of the new university.

In the same year, the workers ‘faculty (workers’ faculty) and the technical school of communications were opened, which formed a single structure with the institute, called the Leningrad educational communications complex (LUKS). And in 1931-1941 an evening department was established and a publishing and research sector was created.

June 8, 1940 LEIS was named after Professor Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bonch-Bruevich, an outstanding Soviet specialist in the field of radio engineering. Famous scientists taught at LIIS and LEIS: M.A. Bonch-Bruevich, A.L. Mints, A.A. Pistolkors, B.L. Rosing, V.V. Tatarinov, P.V. Shmakov and many others.

In 1941, the departments of the university were reorganized to fulfill military orders. In 1945, LEIS has three faculties – radio communication and radio broadcasting, telephone and telegraph communication and evening training. The work of graduate school resumed. A military department has been created, as well as a television research laboratory.

In 1947, the first scientific and technical conference of the teaching staff was held, which later became annual. The Institute is entrusted with training specialists for foreign countries. In 1949, the first in Russia research in the field of color and stereoscopic television began at the television department.

In 1959, the scientists and employees of LEIS designed and built the first experimental tropospheric communication line in the USSR. About 10 new departments have been created, 12 sectoral self-supporting research laboratories have been organized. In the village of Voeikovo near Leningrad, a research and training ground was founded. An experimental television center has been created, which, together with the Leningrad television studio, conducted weekly programs.

In 1960 – 1966, a radio engineering faculty and a branch of the university – Zavod-VTUZ at NPO named after V.I. Comintern (1963). The second educational building and two dormitories for 700 and 600 places were commissioned. Specialized computers have been developed and created. The first domestic apparatus for copying drawings was made.

In 1972, two leading communication faculties were formed – MES and NPP, and in 1992 the Faculty of Economics and Management was formed. In 1993, the university received the status of a university. The development of digital information transmission systems, the introduction of fiber-optic communication lines, the development of information technologies and mobile communication networks are identified as the priority research areas of the university.

In 2009, a research and innovation center for telecommunications was organized at SPbSUT. Currently, SPbSUT has 11 thousand students (including 365 foreign students), they are taught by 700 teachers. More information about ICT universities can be found on the website of the Virtual Computer Museum www.computer-museum.ru.

history of domestic ICT

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