Employees of hi-tech companies in the USA donate millions to support Biden

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Employees of hi-tech companies in the USA donate millions to support Biden

Olga Blinkova | 09.10.2020

Employees of Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, Facebook and Google donated $ 4.8 million to Joe Biden’s election campaign. Donald Trump received much less from specialists from large hi-tech companies, only $ 240 thousand. At the same time, those who spent less than $ 200 were not taken into account. This is reported by the Wired edition.

The data is quite reliable and taken from the Federal Election Commission. According to American regulations, citizens who donate more than $ 200 to this or that policy are required to report where they work. The total number of employees Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, Facebook and Google, who contributed to the election on one side or another, amounted to 5,300 people. At the same time, Google employees spent most of all on supporting “their”, one or another, candidate, $ 1.8 million.

Trump was more or less loved only at Microsoft; also in support of Donald Trump is the head of Oracle Larry Ellison.

Earlier, we will remind, in hi-tech companies, the USA actively supported Hillary Clinton, Trump is traditionally not honored there.

Perhaps, the constant “trade wars” of the Donald Trump administration, either against China, or against Europe, or the closure of borders for migrants, among whom there are many employees of large companies, play a significant role. Very few people like “sitting on a volcano”.

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