Built-in Libraries in Arduino IDE

Built-in libraries are supplied with the Arduino IDE distribution kit. Installing and connecting libraries in the Arduino IDE is a separate process, which we have devoted a separate article to.

We have created a separate large section, where we have provided information about all the most basic Arduino libraries – the Arduino Libraries.

Many people divide all libraries into 3 main groups:

  • Built-in.
  • Additional.
  • Dependents.

Let us dwell in a little more detail on this terminology.

Built-in libraries

Built-in libraries are collections of files that come with the Arduino IDE. We can say that they are immediately installed in the environment.

Such libraries do not need to be searched and downloaded separately. Once you have launched the Arduino environment, you can start using them in your projects.

Additional libraries

Additional libraries are separately downloaded and installed. These libraries come with various modules to help you build more complex devices. These modules include various sensors, sensors, and sometimes more complex gadgets.

As a rule, such libraries are downloaded from the websites of the module manufacturers. You can download some of the main libraries on our website – Arduino Libraries.

Dependent libraries

Without such libraries, the main installed libraries cannot work. Occasionally this can occur when creating a project.

But as a rule, manufacturers put everything they need in one archive.

List of built-in libraries

On the official website of the Arduino manufacturer arduino.cc you can find a list of built-in libraries.

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Along with the Arduino IDE, there are currently:

  • Ethernet / Ethernet 2
  • Firmata
  • GSM
  • LiquidCrystal
  • SD
  • Servo
  • SPI
  • SoftwareSerial
  • Stepper
  • TFT
  • WiFi
  • Wire

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