About me

My specialisation is software engineer. I am 35 years old and have been working in the IT field for over 15 years. I have accumulated experience in programming, project management, training and administration.

I specialise in web-technologies and work as a web-programmer. When creating projects, I use the PHP language and MySQL database, additionally JavaScript, and other technologies as needed.
During the work I have accumulated significant practical experience, learned many features of the language, site engines and web-programming in general.

Many times we had to perform HTML layout work. In the course of work, the specifications for HTML, CSS, etc. were thoroughly studied. This made it possible in the future to avoid errors and create correct HTML code that strictly complies with current standards. All layout work is done manually without the use of any auxiliary editors or other means, resulting in an optimal code.

Over the years of independent work, we have acquired the skills of direct communication with customers, studied the needs of business customers, established processes of interaction and project management. In this way, I lead projects not only technically, but also know the nuances of modern business in terms of IT needs, which allows me to meet the needs of customers.

We also have experience working on technical and informational support of websites. In addition to commercial sites, I run several of my own web projects.

At the moment I am ready to perform all the work on web resources at a professional level, including planning, layout, programming, optimization (SEO), selection of hosting and hosting the resource on the server, technical support.